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 Epic Sauce 1.3.6 [2013]Release

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PostSubject: Epic Sauce 1.3.6 [2013]Release   Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:55 am


Created By MentalBlank AKA Phoenix
PM me if you find a bug or Email me at mentalblank@live.com

EpicSauce is an AQWorlds/HeroSmash Trainer Created by MentalBlank!

NOTE: Some Virus Scanners may dected this trainer as a threat... This is Fake, As long as you download EpicSauce from http://mental.vidyagaems.net/, http://www.pkdudegames.org/, http://www.Kill4.net, or http://cris-is.stylin-on.me there is no reason to worry... Dont believe me? Fine... Its your loss as EpicSauce is one of the best AQW and HS trainers available

AS3 Variable Scanner has been delayed as i had this ready to release with all the other crap and my PC died and i Upgraded my laptop and lost the source... but dont worry im working on it again.

Currently the Auto Update Feature does nto work as i currently cannot access my websites control panel to update stuff also the the trainer will not grab AQW or HS urls atm either for the same reason... so to load AQW atm just click 'Load Alt URLs', to load HS enter the URLs Below and click 'Load Alt URLs'

Download EpicSauce:
EpicSauce 1.2.5
mediafire.com ?53vd2zwd230sbn1

AQW Urls:
- http://game.aqworlds.com/game/
- http://game.aqworlds.com/game/gameversion.asp

HS Urls:
- http://herosmash.battleon.com/game/
- http://herosmash.battleon.com/game/getversion.asp

• Auto Updater
• Loads AQW
• Loads HeroSmash
• Loads AQW and HS Private Servers - IMPROVED
• Loads Alternate AQW URLs (So it still works if AE Changes them) - NEW
• SWF Url Grabber
• Armor Set Loaders
• Load Weapons
• Load Pets
• Load Helms
• Load Armors
• Load Capes
• Packet Sender
• Packet Spammer
• XML Autoer Loader
• XML Autoer Saver
• SPT Autoer Loader - NEW (If you notice any errors please tell me)
• SPT Autoer Saver - NEW (If you notice any errors please tell me)
• Perm-Ban – (This will actually Ban you... I'm Serious.)
• Load Regular Shops, Old Enhancement Shops & Hair Shops
• Load Map
• Move To Cell
• Load Quest
• Load Bank
• Load Bag
• Chat Wiper
• Change Gender (Some Bugs)
• Get Map Item
• Class Name Changer
• Mod Name
• Change Name Color
• MouseVac
• Change Name
• Change Level
• Change Rank
• Gold Hack
• AC Hack
• 60 Bag Slots
• 60 Bank Slots
• AFK Toggle
• Enable Chat (Toggle)
• Load Limbo
• Mute Toggle
• Quick Rest
• Customize Armor Color
• Customize Hair Color
• Reload Map
• All Ballyhoo Rewards
• Player Width, Height Changer
• Player HP & MP Hack
• Change player level
• Respawn
• All Badges
• Turn Evil
• Turn Good
• Turn Neutral
• Char Info Grabber
• SWF URL Grabber
• Nameplate On
• Nameplate Off
• Admin Panel

Armor Sets:
• J6 Set
• Artix Set
• Beleen Set
• Safiria Set
• Ghost Set
• Drakonus Set
• Voltaire Set
• Galanoth Set
• Zhoom Set
• Warlic Set
• Pae Set
• Nythera Set
• Rolith Set
• Miltonius Set
• Chii Set
• Llussion Set
• Alac Set
• Reens Set
• Tomix Set
• Chuckles Set

• Variable Scanner - I Totally had this ready to release... Until My PC Died and I Upgraded my Laptop.
• Packet Logger - Eventually

Thanks To:
• Xyo - Admin Panel Hack.
• Srar - Epic, Thanks for the help.
• Anon - XML Loader Code.
• Anon, Lelouch, Selveria, Rin, Supernova, Misa Campo, SaberJaw - This trainer wouldn't be where it is today without your ongoing support and overall awesomeness.
• And to All the people who have downloaded, used or critisized my work... Thank You.

I'm lazy, get someone else to do it... or if you have some PM them to me.
Last edited by MentalBlank on April 16th, 2011, 11:04 pm, edited 7 times in total.
Cris' Fourm Moderator (http://cris-is.stylin-on.me)
- Artix Etertainment Games
- Private Server Development
Creator of MentalAQW, EpicSauce and MentalBlank's AQW Quest Loader, HeroDev, and DF Private Server Files.
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Epic Sauce 1.3.6 [2013]Release
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