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 guide to adventure quest

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who is the strongest dragon
ultra akriloth, dragon
 100% [ 2 ]
krenoz the energy dragon
 0% [ 0 ]
kian the eternal flame
 0% [ 0 ]
meg dragon p1
 0% [ 0 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
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PostSubject: guide to adventure quest   Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:45 am

how to get plenty of exp lvls 50 to 80 this only works if you are a guardian

do the the blade of awe! trying to get all the pieces can level you up a good amount of lvls and then when you get all 5 pieces go to valencia and get the weapon and for a small amount of z-tokens you can change it to staff,spear, or dagger of awe for the most damage get the spear of awe once you have the weapon go to granemor and press on the moon press battle and no matter how many times you get ownd keep battling because power word die can kill almot anybody in the void yesterday i leveled up from 75 to 76 in just a few battles it might not sound like alot but it takes 155,000 to level up from 75 to 76

how to get plenty of gold

go to the map go to the bennuju wetlands and choose fight the hunters each of them have medium amount of gold afterwards robina will give you a reward smallest treasure biggest treasure hord

how to deal a very large amount of damage

do the anti guardian quest pick declare you are a guardian fight the enraged anti guardian power word die won't kill him afterwards pick get ultra gurdian armor pick the mighty plate it has great defences whatever the element is of your armor will have great defences i'm lvl 76 and my element is earth because i like my blade of awe doing earth damage enemies only do 46 percent damage to me plus i deals a great amount of damage the minimum i've done is 56 the max was 765


if you find these monsters don't bother using your health potions they are unbeatable safiria lvl 400 wolfwing lvl 450 nightbane lvl 500 carnax lvl 500 now these monsters are unbeatable but beatable at the same time loco lvl 200 xyfraaaaargh lvl 130 and conflagrative infernomancer piro's the searing lvl 136 i personaly have beat piros the searing with power word die but don't think that'll happen for you i got very lucky i even though i have 1,034 health and 666 magic i still have a max of 3 turns to attack him i said my magic because when he strikes the first amount of damage will strike your magic then whats left will strike your health you might want to find him alot he gives the most exp and gold of any monster so far 26,000 exp and 9,000 gold

enemies that power word die doesn't kill

when a monster resists it means each of the 5 hits do 20 percent damage of the max amount of damage the guardian dragon does

monsters that resist power word die

enraged anti guardian

the black rider





carnax (one on one)

reflecting power word die means when you use power word die it means you die

monsters that reflect power word die

the reaper


how to summon the fire dragon

i know alot of people are confused by this because it used to say summon the fire dragon and he would just hit your foes with damage anywhere from 1 to 9,999 damage and now it says dragon heart strike this stumped me for a while to well you have to master dragon slaying and dracomancing then press dragon heart strike you have maybe a 5 percent chance to get a choice the choices are dragon heart strike and summon the fire dragon always pick summon the fire dragon he hits very hard just not near as much as before it does anywhere from 100 to 1,500 damage i was able to kill serilissa the water dragon with 1 strike kian actually hits alot harder than the guardian dragon

summoning great dragons

as far as i know you can summon 3 great dragons i will list them from strongest to weakest

kian the eternal flame he is the srtongest because he either can do over a thousand in element x or deal hundreds of damage with fire i've done 900 damage with him

the guardian dragon he is the second strongest because if your an extremely high level he can do more than kian but you have to have reached the level cap of 136 i'm level 76 and i've done 560 damage with him

kethorat the great dragon he is the weakest because 50 percent of the time he decides not to help you plus he does roughly 10 weak and inacurate hits i've doen in all 300 damage with him

training your stats

you should raise your endurance the highest then your strength, dexterity, and luck should match then charisma an intellect can be what ever you want if your a mage swich intellect with endurance and if your a rogue switch dexterity with endurance

here are my stats
i'm a warrior

str 75
dex 75
int 30
end 115
cha 10
luk 75

a dragon you should keep trying to beat

do the plasma dragon quest there are 3 workers

2 soldiers

then after that you fight ultra akriloth dragon it says lvl 125 but when you enter the battle it says lvl 300 you should keep fighting him because he gives 9,000 exp and 3,000 gold a good strategy for him is mastering dragon slaying and dracomancer and use all your dragon slaying skills only master dracomancing so you have a chance of summoning kian he's a fire dragon but if you use him on another dragon he uses element-x then for a weapon use the arkridge mega dragon blade or you can go onthe extremely long dragon blade quest

i was happy about sharing hints with you please reply

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Dark Student

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PostSubject: Re: guide to adventure quest   Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:46 pm

i forgot to mention the were-king and safiria resist power word die! i was angry when i found this out because i had been trying to kill him with power word die fo over a week before i found out
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Dark DeathFreak Supreme Admin
Dark DeathFreak Supreme Admin

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PostSubject: Re: guide to adventure quest   Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:10 pm


I am controlling the DragonLord Frostscythe and he will be deleting, locking, and send topics to HeLL
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PostSubject: Re: guide to adventure quest   Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:01 pm

what is the best way to kill the were-king in the battle grounds? im now a lv 37 and have not had much luck when versing him.
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PostSubject: Re: guide to adventure quest   

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guide to adventure quest
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